If you just discovered Vazex and need a short overview of what we have to offer, this short tutorial was made for you. We'll show you the basic concepts of Vazex, how it works, and what steps you need to take to send your first email campaign.

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Before you begin with your first campaign, you will need to create a mailing list containing emails of your subscribers. You may either create a fresh list, and gain subscribers by using a subscription form, or you may import your existing list of subscribers onto Vazex. To begin, please follow the steps below:

First, click on �More info� under �Lists� or simply by going to �'Lists'� -> �'My Lists�' on the left hand-side. Then click on '�Create new'� on the right upper corner. Start filling out the details of your list. You can just fill out the required fields marked with a red star *. Please note that the �Name� and �Description� is visible to your subscribers.

Double opt-in or opt-out means that a subscriber will have to confirm their email by clicking on a verification link.

If you choose Single opt-in, it would mean that the subscriber does not need to confirm their email address which may result in a higher spam rate and potentially compromise your account, thus Double opt-in is recommended.



Once your list has been created, go back to the �Lists� section where you�ll find the list you just created. Click on the list name as it is highlighted on the screenshot. You should then see a dashboard of your list, with an overview of subscribers, segments, custom fields, pages, forms, and list tools. You will also find statistics for subscribers growth, campaigns growth, delivery vs bounces, and unsubscribers growth.

Subscribers Section

The �Subscribers� section is obviously the one where you�ll manage your subscribers. However, note that in this section you may only edit or add subscribers one by one.

Importing Subscribers

If you�d like to import a list of existing subscribers in bulk, please navigate to �Tools�  >  �Import�.  If you want to add more informational fields other than the default first name, last name, and email, please navigate to �Custom fields� from the list overview.

Using Segments

The segments can be used to refine the list of your subscribers for specific campaigns. For example, instead of creating a separate list for customers, employees and managers. You may simply create a custom field, call it �rank� and include these options. Then on your list of subscribers, assign the appropriate rank (e.g. customer or employee) to the right email. Once you�re ready to send the campaign, you select the predefined segment and it will automatically import subscribers with the rank you need. This way you may avoid having duplicate emails on multiple lists, which can result in you paying more.

The Pages Section

The �Pages� section allows you to view and edit the default Vazex pages that you can share with your potential subscribers to subscribe, unsubscribe, edit their profile, etc. Note that you can change the pages on the right upper corner. Additionally, you may use the �Forms� section to generate or embed a subscription form directly on your website. This will allow you to customize the CSS of the form according to your style.



As it was mentioned earlier there are two ways to add subscribers; using a subscription form to generate new subs, or by importing an existing list in bulk. Please choose the method accordingly;

Method 1 – Creating a subscription form:

To create a subscription form, please navigate to the “Lists” and open your list, then go to “Pages”  and copy the subscription form url, you may also preview or edit it. In case if you’d like to have the form directly on your website, and customize its style, please go back to the list overview and click on “Forms”, or use the “Quick links” on the left hand-side and select “List embed forms”.

You may either use the form HTML code and add your own CSS style to it, or use an iframe version of the form. The same can be done for the ‘unsubscribe’ form.

Method 2 – Importing existing subscribers in bulk:

To import subscribers you need to navigate to the list overview, and click on “Tools”  >  “Import”. Then choose whether to import from a CSV file, a text file, or a MySQL database. The recommended method is CSV, because it allows you to import the database fully with all of its fields. You may click here to download the sample CSV file.



In this step we will be covering how you may choose one of our templates, import your own or from another website, and proceed with editing that template.

Method 1 – Choosing one of our templates: 

If you'd like to choose one of our templates, please navigate to the "Templates" section on the left hand-side and click on "Gallery". Once you select the template you like, click on "Import into my templates". You should be automatically transferred to "My templates" section.

Once there, you can remove, copy or update the template. Please note that this version will be the base template for your campaigns. If you'd like to make changes specifically for one campaign, you should do that later on during campaign set up.

Method 2 – Import your own template: 

In case if you have a ready made HTML design, you may upload it from "My templates" section by using the blue buttons at the right upper corner. Please note that the template must be in a ZIP format and should include all the source files with it (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)

If you'd like to get a unique template design, we recommend browsing

Method 3 – Importing from another website: 

If the template that you like is available online, you may import it directly by grabbing its HTML code. To do that, open the website (in our example we will use Once there, right click and view page source.

The website will not display properly if its source files are not loaded (such as the CSS and Javascript files). In order for them to load within your template, you will need to make sure that the path files use full direct URLs.

So you copy the entire code of the page (ctrl+A  then  ctrl+C). Open a text or code editor (we recommend Notepad++), paste the code in there. Now use ctrl+F to find/replace the following:

href="css     to    href="

href="/css     to    href="

*Note that the path URLs might be different for every website. The point is to add the full website URL right after href="  or  src="

Now the CSS files are properly pointed to the original website where these files are located. This will ensure that the style of the theme is loaded correctly.

Now that you made these changes, again copy the entire code and go to the Vazex panel. From 'My templates' section click on 'Create new'. Once the editor is opened click on 'Source' at the left upper corner of the editor. Replace the contents with the code that you copied earlier. Once again click on 'Source'.

You should see the template as it appears on the screenshot below:

Note that some elements (such as the background video) will not work. Because this is an email, such things as Javascript or jQuery will not function properly. Only valid HTML and CSS is recommended for email templates.



Now that your template is ready, you can start your first campaign by following the steps below;

Step 1 - Create the campaign: 

Go to 'Campaigns' -> 'My Campaigns'. Click on 'Create new' at the right upper corner. Name the campaign (only visible to you) and select the list of subscribers. You may choose several lists and/or segments.

If you would like the system to track statistics, make sure you select 'Yes' under 'Url tracking'.

If you'd like customers to be assigned to a different list upon opening the email, you may do so using the "Actions against subscribers upon campaign open". This would improve the future response rate.

Click "Save and next". 


Step 2 - Import & edit the template: 

Now you can import the template you've already made in the earlier steps using "Change/Select template". Before you use "Test template", make sure to save it first using the "Save template changes" button at the bottom.

Click "Save and next". 


Step 3 - Almost done: 

Now select the start date & time for your campaign and you're done!



Congratulations with your first campaign!

You may now check how it is doing. First go to "Campaigns" -> "My Campaigns". Since you just launched it, it should say "Pending-sending". As soon as it starts sending and shows you the % of emails sent, you can track the statistics.

To do that, simply click on the name of your campaign which will open a dashboard full of statistical reports. Under each box you may also click "View details" to see even more specific information.

Thank you for using Vazex! We hope that your experience has been smooth. We would like to inform you that we are working hard on constantly improving our system with new features and will soon be launching a totally new renovated dashboard! In case if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support by submitting a ticket. Thank you, and good luck!


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